Shanghai Thenow Purification Technology Co.,Ltd is professional manufacturer of heat recovery ventilator and energy reovery ventilator systems. We are located in Shanghai China. With advanced production machinery, state-of-the-art laboratories and excellent R&D team, Thenow always bring out better and better products. The heat recovery core, energy recovery core and filters inside are all made by ourselfs. You can always expect good quality and good price from us.

Relevant introduction of commercial hrv units

Commercial hrv units is composed of heat exchanger, temperature control valve group, steam trap group (when the heat medium is steam) circulating pump, electric control cabinet, base, pipeline, valve, instrument, and can be added expansion tank, water treatment equipment, pump frequency control, temperature control valve, remote communication control, and so on, thus forming a complete heat exchange station. Commercial hrv units are standardized, modular design, complete configuration, easy installation, high efficiency, and energy-saving. Heat exchange unit has the advantages of compact structure, reliable operation, simple and intuitive operation, etc. The product is suitable for the sanitary hot water in residence, office, factory, hospital, hotel, school, etc. The integral commercial hrv units can be used for both water - water exchange and steam - water exchange.


Use characteristics:


1. use industrial control calculation or intelligent temperature regulator to make the water supply temperature intelligent control, that is, the water supply temperature can be set according to the program with the outdoor environment temperature, standard temperature and time changes, high heating quality, energy saving.  


2. Industrial control computer displays, stores, and prints various operating parameters, including thermal media flow, thermal media temperature, thermal media pressure, heating quantity, outdoor temperature, standard room temperature, water supply temperature, condensate temperature, water supply pressure, etc.  


3. During the heat transfer of soda, set the condensate heat transfer section and the temperature control of condensate to make full use of the condensate heat.  


4. The system adopts frequency conversion control, automatic water replenishment, and voltage stabilization.  


5, the use of high - performance stainless steel plate heat exchanger, small unit volume, small footprint.  


6. The circulating water pump can be operated with variable frequency and variables.  


7, standard modular design, according to user conditions, flexible selection of control content, reduce investment.  


8. Centralized digital display of operation parameters, convenient and reliable.


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Wine Cellar Wiki

How Exactly Should the Temperature of the Wine Cellar Be Controlled?

Most experts suggest that the ideal wine storage temperature should be between 11-14 degrees Celsius (Five2-FiveFive degrees Fahrenheit). Recently, a new study shows that the critical range of wine storage temperature is wider than previously expected.


Intelligent Temperature and Humidity Monitoring System for Wine Cellar wiki

As we all know, wine is usually stored in the cellar. To ensure the quality of the wine, a constant environment is a key to wine storage. Therefore, the intelligent temperature and humidity environment monitoring system was born. So, what is the intelligent temperature and humidity environment monitoring system of a climate control wiki? What is the use of intelligent temperature and humidity environment monitoring system in the wine cellar? Let's introduce it to you!


The Importance of Humidity to Wine Cellars

For those who know or love wine, wine has life, and they are more picky about the storage environment than the flowers in the greenhouse. Therefore, if they want to keep a bottle of wine, they must have a cellar with good storage conditions, wine cellar humidity control is an important link in the design of wine cellar. It is necessary to keep a constant humidity environment. Generally speaking, the humidity of wine cellar should be kept at Sixty%-75 %.Therefore, many wine cellars now choose to use the corresponding Snow Cellar humidifier, cellar humidity control equipment to effectively regulate the humidity, so that the cellar environment humidity can meet the storage requirements of wine。


Stunning Cellar Design Concept

A great cellar is to create a controlled environment. Whether it is located in a large mansion or a small apartment, the design options are almost unlimited. However, if the temperature and humidity are not properly controlled, your precious wines may not age in the right way.


What determines the price of wine?

How much is the cheapest wine you have ever seen? The most expensive ? I believe that for experienced wine drinker,it is normal to encounter more than a dozen and hundreds of thousands of wines.But for those who are just getting started,you must be guilty :what is the price of wine? Why is the difference so disparity ?


The longer the finish, the better the wine quality?

Aftertaste is one of the criteria for evaluating the quality of wine. The length of the different wines and the taste itself are very different.

How long can the wine be storage after the bottle is opened?

When you pick up a bottle of wine, you must be confused about the shelf life after opening the bottle, and mark it above: After opening the bottle, please feel

as if you are drinking as soon as possible.  How long can a bottle of wine be opened?  Will it be spoiled?


How to keep wine after opening it?

1.Replug the cork and put it in the refrigerator

Put the cork back into the bottle and put it in the refrigerator. This is probably the most common method of storing wine. Although it is easy to save, the effect is not optimal.

A bottle of normal alcoholic dry wine can be stored for about 1-3 days.


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ERV & Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems Reviews


Simply, HRVs and ERVs provide a balanced, controlled, and measured quantity of fresh air into the residence to cycle out pollutants, while additionally shooting and replacing the heat—or smart energy—from the exhausted indoor airflow with the incoming air. This trade preheats incoming air in the winter, or “pre-cools” it (if to a lesser extent) in the summer, lowering the electricity demand on the home’s essential heating and cooling equipment.


Because furnaces, warmness pumps, and air conditioners don’t have to work as tough or as long with an HRV or ERV supplementing them, they additionally may function longer at choicest tiers and gain higher investment values.


The tools design of an HRV is fairly simple: It is typically comprised of two fans that push a balanced quantity of incoming and outgoing air, respectively, thru constant filters (some with HEPA technological know-how to seize most airborne pollutants) positioned to efficiently facilitate an trade of warmth between the two flows. ERV reviews follow the identical established format and thinking but with an additional, separate chamber to manipulate humidity levels in the air exchange.


To allow whole-house managed ventilation and preserve superior indoor air pressure, HRVs and ERVs are sized based totally on the square footage of the home and the unit’s cubic ft per minute (cfm) rating, a calculation that roughly equates to 0.05 cfm per rectangular foot of conditioned space; a 2,000-square-foot house, then, would require a unit with at least 100-cfm ventilation ability to acquire a fee of 0.35 air modifications per hour, the industry-accepted ideal change fee for proper ventilation.


To impact that performance, ERVs and HRVs should be connected to the home’s central forced-air heating and cooling system, gain a balanced airflow, and have two connections to the outdoors—one to bring in clean air, the other to exhaust stale indoor air.


The two exterior duct ports want to be separated four to 6 toes from each different to keep away from cross-contamination, while the consumption pipe also must be positioned away from gas meters, vehicle parking areas, combustion appliance vents, and trash receptacles. Suppliers normally offer angled hoods to accommodate circumstances the place best distances between pipes and achievable contamination sources can't be achieved.


Inside, the fresh, incoming—and now semi-conditioned—air can be delivered from the HRV/ERV with the aid of an impartial duct to one or extra places in the residence or, extra simply, related to the return vent in a ordinary forced-air system.


The effect of introducing preheated or precooled air into a room or rooms will not solely freshen the indoor air but also reduce demand on the heating or cooling tools to circumstance the incoming air.


In contrast to the incoming air thru the home’s forced-air network, the removal of the stale exhaust air must be ducted independently, ideally from countless rooms in the house, directly to and via the HRV or ERV. In the case of an ERV, ducts need to at least vent air from rooms that generate moisture, such as the kitchen (though now not without delay from a range hood), baths, and laundry areas. “That’s the perfect setup because you can put off tub fans,” Gentry says, a tradeoff that helps tip the upfront fee and labor premium for an HRV/ERV into better balance.


According to the EPA, HRVs are most least expensive in intense climates (hot or cold) and the place energy charges are high; in mild climates, the electricity consumed by an HRV may additionally exceed the quantity it can save.


In hot, humid climates—specifically a swath from East Texas alongside the Gulf Coast states and up through the Carolina coastline—the predominant want is cooling the indoor air and often the removal of humidity. For these environments manufacturers and building scientists suggest ERVs for whole-house controlled ventilation.


ERVs seem and work similarly to HRVs, however with the brought ability to modify humidity ranges in the incoming air before too lots of that moisture is added to a cooling condition. By disposing of extra humidity—also known as latent energy—from the incoming air, an ERV helps mitigate the attainable for condensation and associated problems of mold and degradation internal the house.


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From 31st May 2018 to 2nd June 2018, ECOTECH CHINA-ERV/HRV was held in Shanghai National Exhibition Center. Shanghai Thenow Purification Technology Co.,Ltd, as a professional ERV/HRV manufacturer, booked one booth with area of 144㎡, booth no:5.2 H589 . We warmly welcome you to visit us to know our product.


At this fair, we bring full series of our products.


Ventilation series-We have energy recovery ventilator and heat recovery ventilator here. Also you can find our single ventilator without air-to-air heat exchanger core.


Dehumidification series-We have ventilating dehumidifier(able to bring in fresh air in). Also have single ducted central dehumidifier.


Constant temperature and humidity series-We have device which can maintain the indoor temperature and humidity level to a request degree.


Thank you for your reading and interest!

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The Differences Between Wine Cellar Machine and General Air Conditioner

Wine cellar climate control system is the core of cellar, named as air conditioner with constant temperature and humidity and cellar machine. Currently, many people mix wine cellar climate control system up with general air conditioner. It is simply because the shape of the former is similar to the latter while the functions of wine cellar climate control system are much more multiple. Examples are taken below.


1. The temperature can be adjusted to be lower than others: room air conditioner is only 20℃ at minimum or some imported ranges from 10 to 20℃, both of which are not good enough for wine storage. The wine equipment can be 10℃ or even lower. A few imported wine cellar can be set at 5℃.


2. The functions of constant temperature and moisturization: the domestic air conditioner is quick cooling when refrigeration, pushing the water in the air to change into steam to be exhausted rapidly and further making the space drier and drier. Wine cellar climate control system will lower the temperature stably and slowly, which imitates the mode of nature, preventing the air from being condensed into steam so that it can be stored in the wine cellar for having little influence on the humidity of space. Some wine cellar will be equipped with humidifier to ensure the demand of humidity.


3. It is durable and it has low rate of fault: the working hours and the use frequency of wine cellar machine are longer and higher than the domestic air conditioner, which can keep running at all seasons. While the domestic air conditioner will easily break down in such conditions.


4. It saves energy and electricity: general room air conditioner will be set at 24℃, 12 degree power a day. Moreover, it will consume more energy when its temperature goes down 1℃. However, the special wine cellar climate control system is set about 10℃, 6 degree power a day only. When it is working for 24 hours a day without any stop, it will help save a lot of money at the end of one year.


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Dehumidifier Wiki

Basement Dehumidification

These are signs and symptoms of excessive humidity in your home, and the solution is a basement dehumidifier.If your portable dehumidifier is jogging all day, it's not keeping up.  Thenow dehumidifiers take away up to 2½ more gallons of water per day — preserving your basement mildew and scent free. Invest in a excessive capacity, excessive effectivity unit that works.


Dehumidifier Wiki

Dehumidifier, which is defined similarly as the drying machine, can be generally classified as the dehumidifier for civil use and industrial dehumidifier, being part of the air conditioner. Generally, regular dehumidifier is made of compressor, heat exchanger, fan, water container, main case and controller. Its working principle is: the fan will deliver the moist air into the machine, and the water molecules will be condensed into drops through heat exchanger, after which the dry air will be exhausted outside. It is such a cycling that the moisture indoors can remain suitable. 

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CEEIA | How Does Thenow Work to Improve The School Air Quality?

CEEIA | How Does Thenow Work to Improve The School Air Quality?

From November 17th to 19th, 2018, the "75th China Education Equipment Industry Exhibition" hosted by the China Education Equipment Industry Association and jointly organized by the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Education and the Nanchang Municipal People's Government was held at the Nanchang Greenland Expo Center. As the leading brand in the fresh air ventilation industry ,Thenow has appeared on the theme of “Your Health, Thenow to Guard” and presented to the 75th China Education Equipment Exhibition, aiming to create a clean and aerobic and comfortable air environment for the campus, to ensure Children learn and grow up healthily.


The campus air environment has always been a topic of concern to the community and parents. Whether it is external weather pollution or the internal air environment has always affected the child's respiratory health and learning status, and the professional engineers of Thenow Indoor Air Purification has been working hard to improve the campus air environment. In this exhibition, Thenow displayed its central fresh air system, cabinet-style fresh air, wall-mounted fresh air and ventilating dehumidification systems, to provide with you an solution that fit perfectly to campus .


The first is the cabinet-style fresh air-AF series that we have launched for the campus. It can not only purify the indoor air, but also continuously input fresh aerobic clean air to ensure the oxygen content in the room to improve the air quality. Children can enjoy a comfortable and healthy air environment. At the same time, Thenow's exclusive invention patented filtration technology Pure ESP electronic sterilization system can bring lower cost of use, higher purification efficiency and purification efficiency up to 99% killing rate. Duct type and direct blow type installation method are both available according to the site demand.


Of course, we also have a ceiling-type central fresh air system that can be perfectly hidden in the ceiling of the school classroom to achieve central control, with its smart control system,more efficient air circulation efficiency, cleaner filtration and efficient energy recovery are becoming true. While enjoying clean aerobic air, the energy consumption is reduced at its lowest.


When we solved the indoor air quality problem, we also considered the humidity control, such as the school's library, storage room, computer room, etc., where we have to control the humidity. we introduced our ventilating dehumidifier,using one machine to control humidity and provide constant fresh air from outside. Multiple indicators such as air cleanliness and oxygen concentration are available. And our systems have open intelligent interfaces, intelligent control methods, which can connect to campus control system and various intelligent platforms, to achieve perfect  campus air environment.


The children are the future, giving them a healthy environment and harvesting a good future. Thenow has provided a comprehensive air environment solution for the campus air environment, Thenow has been always focusing on child's respiratory health, and constantly innovating to create better product performance. A more comprehensive range of campus air environment solutions. With Thenow’s products, you will have a healthy and comfortable life.

Wine Cellar


What is hsn dehumidifier? Wine cellars are unique areas in a building designed to store wine,and storage of wine is an important consideration for long-term aging. The three factors that have the most pronounced effect on wine in storage are light,humidity and temperature.


Wine cellar cooling units is generally applied to the whole cellar to ensure the constant temperature and humidity of the cellar.Thenow can supply two types of wine cooling units-split system and self contained unit which are widely used in household,hotel,restaurant, wine cabinet,underground wine cellar,commercial winery,winery warehouse and so on.

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Swimming Pool

Ventilating/dehumidifying/Air conditioning in hsn swimming pools.


If you are interested in the products of Thenow, just feel free to contact us!

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Passive House

What is hrv dehumidifier?

Ventilating/dehumidifying/Air conditioning in passive house.


The key of how passive house performs lays on well designed ventilating which can not only filtrating too much moisture in the air and peculiar smell but pollen and dust, providing clean and fresh air for rooms. If you open the window for ventilation, a lot of quantity of heat will be lost, and the loss is more than the total quantity of heat that a passive house needs. Under most climate conditions, passive house wants certain heating but the quantities are small, which can be realized by ventilating. Through heating coil to warm up fresh air, the heating needs left can be met, and that is the concept of the fresh air system of passive house for supplying heating.


Principle of the Thenow ventilation of passive house

The basic principle of the ventilation of passive house air conditioning: the muddy air in kitchen and bathroom is extracted (air exhaust) and the fresh air will be delivered in to where people live (air supply), and automatic air exhaust can be realized in hallway. For example, the standard of fresh air is 20m2/h for one person and per capital living space is 30m so that the quantity of air supply should be 1m/2(m?h). the highest temperature is limited as 50 ℃ and the corresponding heat load is 10W/m* in order to avoid the peculiar smell produced by excessive temperature causing the dust to be burned, meeting the requirement of heat supply.


The functions of ventilating

Ventilating, able to recycle the heat efficiently, emphasizes its own main functions: it can change the indoor air,  which can control the air humidity in case of mildewing; it can stop the accumulation of pollutants and it can remove the peculiar smell. In addition, there are additional functions: it can regulate the indoor air and clean the air ( acts as filter) to eliminate PM2.5; it can work as humidifying and dehumidification. Passive house applies the ventilating recycling the heat efficiently, lowering the heat loss, increasing the temperature of fresh air and enhancing the degree of comfort indoors. Meanwhile, the ventilating of passive house regulates the humidity indoors ( the optimal range is with relative humidity of 35%-55%), over or lower will do harm to health, especially the skin and respiratory system. If the temperature is too high, it will go mouldy; if the the temperature of internal surface is lower than 12.6℃, it will be liable to mildew; instead,  the temperature of internal surface is lower than 9.6℃, condensation will happen. Too low temperature will possibly damage the floor or musical instrument.


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Relevant introduction of commercial hrv units
Wine Cellar Wiki
ERV & Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems Reviews
The Differences Between Wine Cellar Machine and General Air Conditioner
Dehumidifier Wiki
CEEIA | How Does Thenow Work to Improve The School Air Quality?
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