Gujo Hachiman journal Gujoinus(グジョイナス)

I am TAKADA Yuka, living in Gujo-Hachiman, a wonderful rural town in Gifu, Japan. In Gujo you can experience a lot of interesting things/spots/festivals. And enjoy talking with local people here.
I can supply useful information for English speaking tourists who want to make a trip to Gujo area.
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御神酒/おみき omiki,
This is a box of SAKE.
There are 2 bottles of SAKE in it.

They were offered to Atago shrine which is the nearest one from my house on New Year's Eve last year.

When we offer something to Gods at the Shinto shrines, usually we put a special designed paper on it.  
So this box also has the paper.

This paper has two words.
The top one is 御神酒/Omiki, and the other one is my husband's name.

We deliver 御神酒/Omiki every  Obon and New Year Eve when the Shinto shrine holds the yearly rites. 

I don't think we are pious Shintoists.
It's not easy to tell what Shintoism is.
One thing I can say about it is that
its fundamental idea is based on the nature itself.
I mean the nature is, for example, very old trees and symbolic rocks and/or something like that you can find each area in Japan. 
If you can understand that they keep us something in awe, you will realize what Shintoism is..