Gujo Hachiman journal Gujoinus(グジョイナス)

I am TAKADA Yuka, living in Gujo-Hachiman, a wonderful rural town in Gifu, Japan. In Gujo you can experience a lot of interesting things/spots/festivals. And enjoy talking with local people here.
I can supply useful information for English speaking tourists who want to make a trip to Gujo area.
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This is the Kanzarashi Hina Ningyo dolls that you can see at Kyuchosha Kinenkan in Gujo-Hachiman, Gujo city, Gifu now.

What's Kanzarashi?
Go and check it at the video!

 Every January the seasonal event of Kanzarashi, rinsing carp streamers isheld on the banks of the Yoshida river. (The homemade glue are put onto someparts of fabric to keep the pigment from getting onto them.) By rinsing thefabrics in the water, not only is the glue taken off the dyed carp streamer,but also does the fabric get tighten and vivid colors emerge.

 On February 5, Kanzarashi will be held again.

This time, Gujo local students will try it.

My daughter is one of them!  


寒ざらし 雛人形 でしょうか。




郡上本染 寒ざらし / KANZARASHI
The Gujo-Honzome Kanzarashi event was held on Jan. 20.  
It was snowing.

The men were working in the river to wash off the hand made paste from the Koinobori,carp streamers .

The women undid the washed Koinobori from the bamboo frames very quickly.

A lot of supporters were there.
One of supporters, a liquor shop owner,  gave me a cup of hot Amazake.
His smile and the sweet Japanese drink made me happy on the really cold riverside.

郡上本染め 寒ざらし / Gujo-Honzome Kanzarashi
It has been snowing in Gujo.
I love snow, but don't like too much snow!
Shoveling it off around my house to keep space
for walking path and parking lot is really tough.

No more snow, please!!!!!!!!!

Now I have one more reason that I don't want to have much snow.
On Jan. 20th Gujo -Honzome Kanzarashi event is held by Watanabe Somemono-ten and supporters.

Last week I visited their workshop.
They were working very hard for the event.


Kanzarashi is one of the processes when they make Koinobori, Japanese traditional article for boys. 

They wash off the paste which is made from rice on the Koinobori works  in the very cold and clear water of Yoshida river.
They make this event every Jan. 20 and it is called Gujo Honzome Kanzarashi. 

Jan. 20 is Daikan in the Japanese old/lunar calender.
Daikan means the most cold days in the year.
Wow what a event!
Soooooo cold.

It looks soooooo beautiful!
A lot of people come from out of Gujo and take photos. 

So no more snow!
I hope to see Kanzarashi without snowing.

I know Kanzarashi event in a snowy day is so beautiful though.