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I am TAKADA Yuka, living in Gujo-Hachiman, a wonderful rural town in Gifu, Japan. In Gujo you can experience a lot of interesting things/spots/festivals. And enjoy talking with local people here.
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薬膳料理/ herb lunch
Are どくだみ(dokudami) and タンポポ(tampopo/dandelion) weeds or herb?

If you don't know how to use/cook them, they are just weeds.

The other day my friend took me to 鑑真康寿堂(Ganjin Koju-do) in Seki city Gifu, 

and I ate the  tempura= deep fried dokudami and tampopo leaves for the first time.

There were other kinds of herbs, too.
They were cooked very well.

You can try the 薬膳料理 / herb dishes at this place.

They use the Chinese and Japanese herbs for their dishes and drinks. 

 thanks a lot, noriko!