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I am TAKADA Yuka, living in Gujo-Hachiman, a wonderful rural town in Gifu, Japan. In Gujo you can experience a lot of interesting things/spots/festivals. And enjoy talking with local people here.
I can supply useful information for English speaking tourists who want to make a trip to Gujo area.
Just send me email at the following tub, please.

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Dec. 29th, 2010

It was snowing.

The mountains that I can see from our living room 
were lightly covered with snow this morning.
The view through the windows was so beautiful.

There is the Gujo-Hachiman castle on the top of the mountain.
This morning it stood in the calm and quiet air.

Do you know this?
This is PIMM'S, a cocktail from UK.  

One of my students made it for us all 
when we had a Christmas get together this week.
It looked really beautiful and was sooooooo tasty!

By the way,
it has sliced cucumbers in it.

Can you believe that?

...actually, I have to say...
cucumber is indispensable for bringing out the special flavor.

タグ: PIMM S Gujo-Hachiman
GGG Christmas party
It was a great fun for my daughter and me yesterday!
We went to a potluck party and made a lot of beautiful Christmas cookies there.
We used green/pink/white color of icing and special materials. 
My daughter was quite excited with the snowflakes.
She put them on the star-shaped cookie.
Her favorite one is the gingerbread man with a nice smile
on its face. She still can't eat it!

We enjoyed the big dinner very much!
And then, Christmas games!
My daughter got many colorful chocolates!


This Christmas party was held by
and Japan-America Society of Gifu
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