Gujo Hachiman journal Gujoinus(グジョイナス)

I am TAKADA Yuka, living in Gujo-Hachiman, a wonderful rural town in Gifu, Japan. In Gujo you can experience a lot of interesting things/spots/festivals. And enjoy talking with local people here.
I can supply useful information for English speaking tourists who want to make a trip to Gujo area.
Just send me email at the following tub, please.

I am in China now
It was very hot today in 蘇州/Suzhou in China.
Now I am traveling around Shanghai for some reasons.

By the way  my first trip to Shanghai was more than 20 years ago.

In those days local people didn't put on colorful clothes.
But now they enjoy the latest mode.

In those days people went to work by bike.
But now a lot of beautiful cars go on the roads.

In those days people didn't speak English and/or their idea a lot in the air which was much more controlled strictly.
But now they speak a lot!

I expect that I will see so many "Wow!" in Chine in following days.

After 蘇州/Suzhou, we will visit 無錫/Wu-Xi,  杭州/Hang Zhou and 上海/Shanghai.