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Video conferencing system functions and applications

Standing on the cusp of information age, do not understand the Internet, do not understand the application of new technologies, how to develop? For the video conference this relatively new things, we know how much?
Video conferencing is the use of advanced audio and video codec technology, unique network transmission technology, co-processing technology to achieve high-definition video playback and high-fidelity audio transmission of remote conferencing results. The conference system possesses a powerful audio-visual and data interaction function, which can fully meet the needs of users such as remote conference, distance training, coordination office and emergency command. It helps users reduce travel expenses, enhance work efficiency and improve comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises and institutions.

It can be seen from the above principle that the most important function of the video conference is to hold a video conference, but it is not only a conference function, but also functions as a coordination office, an operation demonstration, an online teaching and a video training. Whether the government, the enterprise or Personal, equipped with a video conferencing system are necessary.
Government departments video conferencing applications
As the administrative department of socio-economic development, the government often needs to hold large-scale meetings of higher and lower levels, regions and administrative departments and has high requirements on the security, confidentiality and fluency of the meetings. Video conferencing meets the needs of the government administrative meeting well and supports the convening of a long-distance conference to achieve the smooth, clear and unattended effect of video and audio. It achieves online collaborative work, rapid issuance of policy guidelines, on-site inspector guidance, training of party and government officials, video surveillance , Government counseling, emergency command and other functions.
Enterprise video conferencing applications
In the context of the great globalization of the economy, the scale of enterprises has expanded rapidly with more and more branches. At this time, the internal and external business meetings of enterprises are particularly important. Such as: strategic deployment, channel management and control, staff management, bidding, negotiation, remote recruitment, on-site guidance and other internal and external activities. The use of video conferencing not only saves a lot of conference venue rental costs and travel time, but also effectively monitor the actual situation in various business activities, thereby enhancing the company's response speed and overall competitiveness.
Personal video conferencing
As the main body of work, individuals play a crucial role in the development of an enterprise. However, the impact of life, time, place and a number of unexpected factors does not guarantee attendance at anytime and anywhere. Today's video conferencing can not only meet through the computer, but also support for Windows, Android and iOS and other mobile devices attendance, seamless access to the entire terminal. No matter where you are, you can enjoy efficient and convenient video conferencing anytime, anywhere through your mobile device and face-to-face communication with colleagues in the distance.
ezTalks With its rich experience in the field of remote audio and video, ezTalks has provided video conference tailor-made solutions for tens of thousands of domestic enterprises and enterprises. The project experience extends to all aspects of social life such as IT communications, manufacturing, construction real estate, education and training, healthcare, government administration and so on. It provides a one-stop solution through diversified cooperation so as to meet the diverse business needs of users in various industries in the world. Product quality and industry-leading strong technical support, government and enterprise help efficient office at the same time, won the millions of users highly recognized and affirmed, and continue to lead the development trend of the video conferencing industry.

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What is the use of video conferencing?

Video conferencing is a teleconference for implementing two or more locations. It is an "effective assistant" for businesses to cut travel costs and improve office efficiency. Therefore, video conferencing has been gradually introduced and applied in enterprises and institutions. So, the realization of video conferencing and how to use it?

1, hardware video conference
Video conference hardware-only deployment, with high performance, good reliability, security and so on. The general method is: HD MCU + video conferencing terminal + desktop terminal (omnidirectional microphone, camera) and other equipment, including MCU deployed in the network center, is responsible for the processing and forwarding stream.
The hardware video conference system has the advantages of high definition, low bandwidth, security and stability, interoperability and other advantages. It meets the needs of enterprises in the world and communicates with people anywhere and anytime. It can also realize applications such as telemedicine, network training and online classroom.
2, software video conferencing
Software video conferencing, that is, desktop client software + server-side software implementation, users no longer need to purchase expensive hardware facilities, or even do not need to build their own servers, on the line to achieve long-distance video conferencing. The use of method is very simple, just download and install video conferencing software client, and then log in to the corresponding account interface, you can conduct efficient remote video conferencing.
Software video conferencing solutions have more significant advantages in convenience, ease of use, scalability, ease of maintenance, flexibility. On the other hand, relative to the hardware video conferencing, software, the price of some more favorable prices, for some limited cost of SMEs, software video conferencing is a good choice.
3, a combination of hard and soft way
For some large, many branches of enterprises, but also involves a large part of the personal mobile conference, in view of this situation, some companies will use a combination of hardware and software. The implementation method is: the main venue (company headquarters) using the hardware terminal equipment, other sub-venue software client access to the main venue. The combination of hardware and software to maximize business savings.
Now, everyone is not a more in-depth understanding of the use of video conferencing? ezTalks technology video conferencing for several years, has a unique set of programs in the field, welcome to consult.

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Why should I have a video conferencing solution?

In a time when the economy is globalized and decisions and contacts with partners, customers and employees need to be made faster, videoconferencing solutions have emerged as a valuable multimedia tool for the demands of various types of organizations.

Just like phones, TVs, and many other products, video conferencing solutions have evolved a lot in recent years. What was very restricted and complicated a few years ago, today is more accessible and simplified than many imagine.

Are you in doubt about the real benefits of this type of technology? So, read our post and find out what video conferencing can do for your company!

Save time and money
You do not have to wait for your travel companions to make an effective meeting with customers and other market partners. You can get in touch with whoever you want by means of videoconferencing, using them not necessarily as a substitute for face-to-face meetings, but as complementary solutions.

Important decisions will never be late. And that without spending on airline tickets, hotel reservations, meals, car rentals, taxis and other travel costs.

Improve your team's energy
Travel, even if it is at work, can have an aspect of dynamics and diversity for certain people. However, when this occurs routinely, it becomes tiresome and dull. People need time to recover, and not always the cities where employees move are just as nice as they think they will be.

A video conferencing solution will enable you to connect with whoever you want, wherever you are, avoiding wear and tear.

Get much more convenience
Videoconferences do not depend on a fixed infrastructure for specific rooms (although in some cases they are necessary and useful).

Peer-to-peer video conferencing technology allows multiple people to speak by video, chat or voice, simultaneously, through a desktop display or through mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

You can talk to suppliers, customers and other people without leaving your office or home, with high quality sound and images.

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Do not have difficulty using technology
In addition to being easily integrated with other media, running on any device, video conferencing is easy to use and offers an intuitive interface. You will not need expert technical support each time you use videoconferencing.

You and your team - from executives to trainees - will not have a hard time taking advantage of this technology. And the best: without having additional costs for this.

Grow as you need
Meeting virtualization allows you to start with a smaller solution and scale-up video conferencing solutions within your business. As more resources are needed, it is possible to invest in new audiovisual applications in a way that is cost-effective.

Enhance the security of your business secrets
Less chat outside of the office or workplace lessens the chance for outside gossip. That way, you can keep your trade secrets and important documents well protected, passing only "filtered" subjects to customers and their trading partners.

Professional video conferencing solutions also offer the encryption of the data, guaranteeing the security of the interactions.

Increase productivity in your business
Less time wasted on long-haul trips and to regain energy means more time in the company, solving unexpected problems and fulfilling common work routines. There will be the opportunity to meet more internally with team members more often, build better working relationships, and make better decisions.

This all becomes an engine for increasing revenue in your organization! Not to mention that the reliability of a scheduled meeting to happen online dribbles flights delays and unexpected traffic congestion.

Videoconferencing solutions for your company do not only have advantages in terms of financial issues and increased staff productivity, but it also becomes a valuable asset for your executives and clients to enjoy. The number of companies that have adopted this technology has been increasing day by day.

And your company, will you stay behind? Have you thought about implementing a videoconferencing solution? Find out more about this in our post on point-to-point videoconferencing!

5 Best Video Conferencing for Small Businesses in 2017

Different companies might have different calls for interactive video solutions. Small companies are searching for just one effective interactive video software that allows them easily communicate and collaborate with colleagues, clients or partners, in a cost that matches their tight budgets. Besides, it will likely be useful when the plans could be scalable to support an increasing business. Thus, picking out a right interactive video option would be essential to add mass to companies. Listed here are five best interactive video software for small companies in 2017.

1.Skype for Business

Skype is generally referred to as a type of social software that provides video-calling plan to talk to buddies or family. However, for business users, Skype for Business is another wise decision. With only $5 per user monthly, it is simple to have a group video calling service. Like a meeting tool, additionally, it includes an interactive white board feature, letting users share notes, draw charts and much more.

2.ezTalks Meetings

ezTalks is really a professional interactive video solution provider within the globe, which allows you to easily host a HD online meeting anytime, anywhere. ezTalks Conferences provides a Premium 30 Plan that’s appropriate for small companies, allowing 30 participants within the meeting simultaneously. In a cost of $16.99 per host monthly, the program still offers a effective function. Aside from the general features, its recording and playback functions cause you to easily have more missed information following the meeting.

eztalks home

Here comes a great bit of news! ezTalks Meetings’ Free Plan continues to be upgraded to 100 participants with 40 minutes limit forever, that makes it the industry’s first interactive video solution provider having a 100-participant totally free. It might be the very best interactive video for many small companies.

3. GoToMeeting

Citrix GoToMeeting with HD interactive video is a straightforward yet effective method to collaborate instantly. Typically the most popular interactive video application may be the Pro Plan with $29 monthly, or $278 each year, allowing 50 individuals to enroll in a virtually face-to-face online meeting. The service allows you to produce a personal meeting room having a fixed meeting link, to be able to make use of the virtual room to schedule conferences easily. You may also share your mouse and keyboard controls with meeting attendees for smooth collaboration.

4.’cisco’ WebEx

Among the giants within the enterprise-grade interactive video field, ‘cisco’ offers the WebEx service for small companies. The entry-level Premium 8 version costs $24 monthly, or $228 each year, yet it just let 8 users at the same time enroll in a meeting remotely. Its Premium 25 version costs $49 monthly, or $468 each year, with 25 participants within the meeting. Just a little costly, yet it possesses a screen discussing feature for simple presentations. Users may also share files, documents and PDFs for collaborative editing.

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Vidyo is really a leading American company that gives software-based collaboration technology and product-based visual communication solutions. VidyoCloud offers unparalleled error resiliency, and may even adjust to 20% packet reduction in network challenged environments, like mobile and wireless. The majority of companies do not have a passionate network, and VidyoCloud make it easy for small companies to possess a high-quality video collaboration more effectively and easily.

Interactive video plays an irreplaceable natural part for small companies in lots of aspects, for example expanding new projects, contacting clients or partners remotely. Therefore, it is vital for small companies to make use of interactive video solution in the procedure for development. Only by choosing the right interactive video that setup a meeting demands, can companies define its value and obtain advantages of it.


5 Benefits of Video Conferencing Services in Court

Interactive video increases collaboration and boost productivity in multiple fields. Aside from business, education, healthcare, government and military, multiple courts at different levels facilitate interactive video to create courts run more easily and streamline legal processes, to be able to improve working efficiency from the courts and save a lot of judicial cost simultaneously. Today this short article shares you five advantages of interactive video in the court at length.

advantages of court interactive video service

Court Interactive Video Services Enhance Collaboration between your Judge and Jury

You may already know, whenever a situation involves trial, the judge will come across jury, even law clerks to go over the facts from the situation several occasions, and lastly they’ll cast their votes around the results of the situation. However, it’s tough to collect everybody in the hired time without disturbing everyone’s working arrangement.

Within this circumstance, a relevant video conferencing solution is a reasonably sensible choice. Of all interactive video solutions, ezTalks Conferences sticks out. It’s professional and effective, enabling the judge for connecting with jury as well as law clerks with an online meeting anytime. Besides, it fully supports screen discussing, white board discussing, live chat, and much more. Jury and clerks can certainly attend the meeting using their Mac, Home windows computer in addition to smartphones, and condition their views concerning the situation without losing sight of their offices or homes.

Court Video Chat Services Empower Witnesses to Testify Wherever They are

The traditional practice of witness presenting personally at trial is becoming more and more harder. Because of geographical impediments, anxiety about testifying personally, worry about self-security, or be worried about privacy exposure, witnesses might won’t present personally at trial for deposition. At this juncture, interactive video happens to be a useful and unassailable solution. Using its help, witnesses located all over the world can present at trial making legal depositions on schedule.

Court Interactive Video Services Make Remote Arraignment Possible

To be able to obtain prisoners’ confession, courts sometimes send police to jail. Instead of spend some time, effort and cash traveling between your court and also the jail, court interactive video services offer an chance to obtain prisoners’ confession “in personInch and concurrently record the entire arraignment without visiting the jail.

Court Interactive Video Services Support Remote Court trial

Interactive video services allow it to be pretty simple for courts to conduct remote court trials. These types of court trials bring a lot of advantages. The parties along with other participants within the proceedings can be displayed in courts using their different locations and debate the instances, show physical evidence, documentary evidence as well as video evidence, which saves much cost and time. Furthermore, it avoids the potential chance of delivering harmful defendants to courts more than a lengthy distance which cuts down on the stress of inadequate police strength. In addition, it enables courts to lessen cost and improve efficiency of court trials.

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Court Interactive Video Services Enhance Interaction between Greater minimizing Courts

One benefit of interactive video for legal services is it breaks the neighborhood limitations and greatly strengthens the interaction between greater minimizing courts. Now, they are in a position to exchange experience in law, share legal sources and researches and discuss complex cases anytime, that are conduc>ive to create a smart, efficient and economical court management mechanism, and push the judiciary onto to a different stage.

The various components pointed out above list a few of the advantages of interactive video in the court. Aside from them, there are lots of more advantages to be listed out. To obtain fully understood about court interactive video services, it is recommended to experiment personally. Consider using a interactive video solution, like ezTalks Conferences to obtain more!


The Importance of Online Communication in Today’s World

As the internet becomes more and more dispensable with a vast section of society, the significance and importance of online communication is also becoming quite evident. What exactly is online communication and why it is becoming very vital for the world as a whole and what does the future behold for online communication? Put in plain and simple words, any communication which takes places between individuals to individuals or group of individuals or between entities to individuals or groups of entities is referred to as online communication. The communication can happen in many ways. It could be in the form of text sent across to various recipients in the through mails or even using various social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp. On the other end of the spectrum there are also audio and video communications between individual to individual, between closed groups and also to the world at large. There are products such as ezTalks which enable different users to communicate with one another using audio, video, text or a combination of all the three.

What Are The Features of Online Communication

Before getting into the growing importance of online communication, it is important that we understand some basics about the features of online communication. Here are a few trademark features of any good online communication.

It is sent in the digital format. Any online communication is always in a digital format and it uses the reach and spread of the internet to move from the sender/senders to the recipient or recipients.

Immediate delivery – Any online communication is delivered to the recipient almost instantaneously. This is possible because the communication travels rapidly using the electronic mode of transmission and it lands on the recipients’ device almost instantaneously.

It is interactive – Since the messages are delivered almost instantaneously, there is scope of high level of interactivity between the receivers and the senders. Messages in any form can be exchanged between receivers and senders and this certainly goes a long way in making it useful for all the stakeholders.

Individuality – The process of communication and the way it is exchanged, the form in which it is received and sent are highly customizable taking into account specific needs and requirements of the end users. The personalization features are becoming one of the biggest hallmarks and takeaways as far as various forms of online communications are concerned.

It helps build communities – If we look around we certainly will come across many instances where there are thousands of online communities of like minded people or people with the same stakes in mind. This is very unique and possible on such a large extent only because of online communication.

Entertainment And Enjoyment – It also would be pertinent to mention that online communication is becoming one of the biggest drivers of entertainment and enjoyment. Whether it is sports, cinema, current events or news there is no doubt that today it reaches millions of people instantaneously because of online communication.

Importance of Online Communication

Given the unique features of online communication, there is no doubt that it plays a vital and critical part in bringing people, society, businesses, and the world closer together. The boundaries of time and distance have become irrelevant and insignificant because of online communication. It therefore is not a bad idea to briefly look into the importance of online communication.

It helps to bring together the world. The biggest importance is perhaps the fact that it brings together people of world and makes it well and truly a global village. There is nothing like time lag when information is shared across the internet using online communication.

It helps in almost each and every field of industry and business. Whether it is arts and culture, sports, medicine, agriculture, industry, defense and even politics there are reasons to believe that online communication helps a lot in faster decision making, rapid dissemination of information and improved productivity across all levels.

As far as modern offices and commercial establishments are concerned, online communication is akin to the central nervous system because it helps in rapid flow of information which is so very vital to take the right decisions.

In the medical field, thousands of lives can be saved using online communication because remote surgeries using this form of communication is now becoming quite common.


Given the above facts pertaining to online communication, it goes without saying that it is considered to be extremely important for mankind in general and business and commercial activities in particular.


7 Tips for Effective Teamwork in Business

Effective teamwork contributes to a big extent towards the success of a business as it generates better solutions for problems and also improves productivity. The companies that have a collaborative and friendly work environment are more likely to climb the ladder of success in the business world. Despite being aware of this fact, many companies fail to create proper teamwork and this has a negative impact on their business, and they do not know what to do. So, to help make things easier for you and to help you get ahead of your competitors given below are some tips for effective teamwork that you can start following right away.

7 Main Tips for Effective Teamwork in Business

1,Teamwork should be given importance and should be rewarded

Whenever you have an annual performance review of your business, give importance to how the employees are contributing to the teamwork. Every member of the team should know that their performance as part of that team is being carefully assessed, and if they work well they also get appreciated. When workers get acknowledged for the work they do for their team it gives them the much-needed boost to work even harder, which in turn proves better for the team, and for the company at large. You can even give monthly rewards like a gift or cash certificate to the best team member each month.

2,Make the members aware of their roles and responsibilities

To enjoy effective teamwork in the workplace it is important for every member of the team to be aware of their roles and responsibilities, and also the roles of other members of their team. The team members should also agree on what tasks need to be completed and who it will be done by, and every member needs to be accountable for the responsibilities that they are assigned. However, helping others or sharing duties if a member is not being able to complete a task, is away, or is unwell, is also a good idea and makes the team bond stronger.

3,Have clear aim/goals

A team with specific work completion deadline and goals will always work together in a better way than those teams that have no goals. Furthermore, a team with clear expectations and that agrees with its other members on how they need to work together to reach their goals, will always work more effectively.

4,Communication is essential

For effective teamwork in business, it is important for the team members to communicate their opinions, thoughts, feelings, and ideas with other team members in a proper manner. A good way to do so will be to use the best tool like ezTalks, host a video conference, get all the team members online and then discuss whatever is needed. Every member should ask as many questions as is important and clear any doubts that they may have. This will always help maintain a healthy work environment and thus prove beneficial for the company.

5,Take a joint decision

While taking decisions every member should be allowed to share their opinion, give their ideas, and on the basis of this, a decision should be taken. Every member's ideas and thoughts should be given due importance and then every member should support the entire team not only when the decision is being taken but also when it is being carried out.

6,Maintain trust and know more about the team members

If every member of a team takes the responsibility of the work that has been assigned to them as part of the team then trust in each other will develop. When members trust each other they will want to communicate with each other, learn about one another more, and also share their feeling and ideas while still maintaining respect for all. To build better trust and comfort members of the team can share some informal time out of the office, and if all members are not present in the same city/country, then they can get to know each other more through video conferencing by using a popular software like ezTalks Meetings. While sharing those informal moments it will be a good idea to know about each others’ strengths so that it can be used in the best way to make teamwork more successful.

7,Respect diversity/differences

Since a team is comprised of different members, differences in values and background are quite natural. To enjoy effective teamwork in business such differences should be respected and in fact, every member of a team should be seen as unique and their contributions should be respected. Everyone has different knowledge, experiences, skills, opinions, and this is exactly what helps a team be more successful. So, celebrate being different.

Now that you have learned some helpful and simple tips to maintain effective teamwork in the workplace, start employing them right from now. Pretty soon you will notice your team bonding in a better and stronger way, and of course, that will have a big and positive impact on your business as well.

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6 Major Types of Collaborative Learning

Learning is a process that ensures an individual get skills, knowledge, and experience to handle a given task now or in the future. There are many ways through which learning takes place, many trainers or tutors believe that learning independently is an intellectual method, but structuring learning in a manner that enables learners to respond to each other's ideas, design a product together, and even teach each other is indeed an effective teaching strategy. The latter form of learning is often referred to as collaborative learning.

Definition of Collaborative Learning

In its simplest definition, collaborative learning is an umbrella for a variety of educational strategies and approaches involving joint efforts by both teachers and learners. It is when two or more students learn something dissimilar together, and one of the simplest modes of this form of learning is the mutual study. It is arguably agreed that collaborative learning is helpful in project work, research projects, and other types of team-based activities. As earlier mentioned, with this type of learning, individuals get to know new things with the help of others, making it become one of the latest modes of teaching around the world.

While many people used to offline collaborative learning, these days, online collaborative learning is incredibly common online education tools such ezTalks Meetings provide a seamless platform. There are many other types of collaborative learning, and here below are some of the most common:

6 Major Types of Collaborative Learning


Think-pair-share is one of the most common types of collaborating learning. It is a low-effort, low-stakes strategy for abbreviated collaboration and active learning. In this kind of learning, learners are required to work independently, share their ideas with others, consider peer responses, and ultimately engage in discussions in a manner that starts to synthesize an exchange. The above requires that learners act rather than listening passively, and this explains why teachers would often call an individual at random to share their ideas.

2,Informal collaborative learning groups

Another type of collaborative learning that is based on how learners are organized in a learning environment is the informal learning groups. As the name suggests, this is the case where a class is broken down into small fragments and assigned a group project to handle. This type of approach leads to spending less time for lecture and fundamentally improves the amount of material retained by students.

3,Formal collaborative learning groups

Again, this type of learning is based on how learners organize themselves in a learning environment, and it forms the greatest routine practices of collaborative learning. With formal learning groups, learners are assembled into specific groups, and they are required to stay together for many weeks or months working on an extensive project(s). By and large, this type of collaborative learning is where students study and apply comfortably the various approaches of working together.

4,problem-based learning

Also known as PBL, Problem-based learning is another type of collaborative learning where a particular problem is introduced for learners to solve, often in groups, over a given period. It is required that students ultimately understand the problem at hand before proposing a solution or response. PBL starts to approximate the kind of work students do as well as the way they need to approach the problem in their daily lives.

5,Collaborative base groups

Collaborative base organizations are stable, long-term groups that have been formed to last for at least a year. The teams are made up of learners with distinct attitudes and perspectives. The above type of collaborative learning provides a platform where students support each other in matters related to academics and other spheres of life. Each member is required to finish the assigned task and contribute ideas towards a given project. In most cases, students meet periodically to check on their academic progress as well as to develop healthy cognitive and social habits.

6,Jigsaw collaborative learning

As the name suggests, the above learning type makes use of jigsaw strategies to break down learning problem into small parts to be handled by several groups within a given learning environment. Each group is expected to report back beside contributing ideas in a bid to finding solutions to the problem at hand. The learning type is suitable when dealing with a large project(s).


While collaborative learning is not common and prevalent in many institutions, it helps to satisfy many goals when planned carefully. It helps learners to become constructively and actively involved in coursework topics, to feel responsible for the studying, and to improve the spirit of teamwork among the participants. The program supports several learning styles by typically adopting a heterogeneous strategy where some learners write, others discuss, some edit, listen, and even synthesize and so on. In a nutshell, the various types of collaborative learning explained above reminds learners that learning requires more than just listening, but it entails other aspects of the collaborative environment.



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2.名前を入力し、CMDコマンドウィンドウを開きます。このような小さなシリーズなどのpingゲームサーバーのIPまたはURLの-tは、自分のコンピュータが遅延があるコンピュータペプシネットワークにアクセスするかどうかをテストするために、パケットロスが直接のping www.parts-dell.ccすることができます - 入力が完了した後トン、図に示すように、あなたが、結果を見ることができ、確認の実行「キーを入力する」を押します。
テストプログラムを3.Pingする遅延ネットワーク後に開始し、押しショートカットキーの組み合わせCtrl + Cは、試験を中止することができ、図1に示すように、カウントは、遅延ネットワークの統計的計算結果を得られます。
全体的に、テストネットワーク遅延は、しばらくテストした後、単にコンピュータのオペレーティングCMDコマンドウィンドウと種類をオンにする「のpingサーバーのIP(またはURL)-t」は、Ctrl + Cは非常に簡単です、あなたは、ネットワーク遅延の結果を見ることができますA。 URLがテストであれば、より正確な数は、小規模なサイトの数は、サーバが悪いテストが許可されていないことができるように、いくつかのよく知られているサイトをテストするため、いくつかのよく知られているウェブサイトやゲームサーバーのIPアドレスをテストしようとすることをお勧めします。
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       スクリーンショットショートカット:フルスクリーンのスクリーンショットで印刷するのScr SYSRQキーのキーボードを使用してください
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実際には、スクリーンショットのショートカット方法IとIIのスクリーンショットのショートカット属しますが、Ctrlキーを押しながら、これだけQQを着陸した後、ショートカットキーが有効で、スクリーンショットのショートカットキーでソフトウェアのQQのチャットボックスを使用して、3つのショットをショートカット我々はマルチカラーにマウスを見つけるALT +キーの後、今回はスクリーンショットの任意の領域を選択するために、マウスをドラッグすることができます。

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